2011 Holiday Glow Art Sale and Show

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Jackie Uthus
Event Organizer
1109 S. 23rd St
Grand Forks, ND 58201


Fused Glass, Gourds, One of a Kind Furniture, Pottery, Weaving & Tapestry

I grew up in Williston, ND, in a family with 8 children. My husband, Eric Uthus, and I have three daughters and four wonderfully fun grandchildren. I graduated from UND in Occupational Therapy and in Visual Arts. I created stone sculptures early in my art career but bad joints necessitated a change in art forms. I branched out into pottery, glass, painting, weaving, felting, embellishing gourds, jewelry, etc. My newest work explores trees of all sorts. I'm using a huge variety of mediums and combining them in unusual ways. I'm having a lot of fun woodburning, using textures, reclaimed barn wood and diamond willow scavenged from the Trenton, ND river bottom area, as well as more traditional glass, acrylic paints, canvas, etc.

I have a series of acrylic paintings called "Whimsical Snapshots of Life on the Prairie". A trip down memory lane, the images are familiar to the hardy, hard workers who chose to settle the plains & small towns of the Midwest. Simple landscape backgrounds evoke the beautiful emptiness of the prairie. We are people who look at the flat land, harsh climate & often-times lonely existence & see potential, possibilities & promise! One image per painting emphasizes the vast scope of the prairie. And it enables viewers to connect with each particular place & time, to easily recall our experiences with these places.

I want the work of my hands to show in my art. Every piece of mine is individually made, and I want that uniqueness and spontaneity to be evident in each piece. I have grown to love simplified forms for the grace of the lines and the peaceful feeling that ensues. I find myself continually coming back to family and home, as well as the nature that surrounds us, as themes in my work.


Jackie's art is available at Forks Frame Up on DeMers, & Dakota Harvest Bakers downtown.

Benefiting Charity: Northlands Rescue Mission

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Terry Kuntz
1104 S 22nd St
Grand Forks, ND 58201


Stained & Fused Glass, Artisan Soap

Terry's work is available at the summer marketplace downtown, Saturdays June through October, or by contacting him personally.

Benefiting Charity: Community Violence Intervention Center (CVIC)

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Tom Perdue
1403 S 18th St
Grand Forks, ND 58201

Woodcarving, Santas


I realized many years ago that when a person looks at a Santa, it will bring a smile to their face or at the least a small laugh. Santa brings joy into your life. Hand carved and painted, you truly will have a "one of a kind" creation. Most are made from northern grown American Linden (Basswood). When you pick up the carving, I want you to feel the small facets of the carving knife or tool. I seldom paint the bottom, this reduces the chance of the paint staining a shelf if it gets wet and allows the wood to breathe. Drawing inspiration from sculptor/painter Jim Shore, I remember from my childhood in a small town in Arkansas, my mother had many old handmade patchwork quilts. I learned the patterns all have names and meanings. Combining the "feel good" of an old world Santa and a nice warm blanket seem to bring comfort to my life. Hopefully your "old world Santa" will bring joy for many years and then be passed down to your children.

Benefiting Charity: North Dakota State Historical Society


Tom Johnson
915 Shakespeare Rd.
Grand Forks, ND 58201


Wildlife and Nature Photography

My roots are in the mountains of Western Montana and Wyoming. I was lucky to grow up in an area where spectacular beauty and abundant wildlife inspired me to pursue nature photography, my lifelong avocation.

Unlike painters, photographers are not faced with a blank canvas upon which to create the image that exists in their mind's eye. Instead, a photographer depends on the combination of light, subject and composition to capture, in a fraction of a second, a vision of what appears before the camera. While I use my camera's exposure controls to capture an image, I further refine the image in the digital darkroom to express the image as I envisioned it when looking through the camera lens.

The merits of photography as a fine art have been debated since photography was invented. I'm not sure it matters whether or not nature photography can be classified as art. What is important to me is that the image reaches people at a personal level that in some way enriches their lives and makes a difference in the way they see the natural world. I hope that through my color and black and white photographs people discover special moments in nature and realize that wild places and their inhabitants are worth preserving.

Benefiting Charity: Salvation Army


Jean Westman
PO Box 3
Climax, MN 56523


Metal Work, Jewelry, Crosses, Ornaments

Inspiration for my work comes from creation, manipulation and sometimes the reassembly of an object. I work off of this original element by picking it up, playing with it, turning it around and examine it thoroughly. After examination, the original element becomes the centerpiece of my design.

Several years ago I researched and photographed wrought iron crosses that are most prominent in Western North Dakota Germans-from-Russia cemeteries. I have also located similar crosses in remote areas of Minnesota, throughout the United States and in Canada. I have also discovered Métis, Swedish and Ukrainian versions. These crosses were designed and forged by immigrant blacksmiths who settled the prairies. Each craftsman had his own unique style, which I use as inspiration for a series of Prairie Cross Pendants. The beauty of these lone sentinels of the prairie, our states most precious folk art, must be treasured and preserved for future generations.


Benefiting Charity: Salvation Army


Karla Nelson
1111 Shakespeare Rd
Grand Forks, ND 58203


Acrylic Painting, Pottery

I've lived in North Dakota my entire life. I've been making marks on surfaces and creating 3-dimensional art since childhood. One of my most favorite things to do is to leave the city and drive west along a highway, taking in all that nature has to offer. The converging lines from rows of crops, the occasional animal native to the area, how the sun plays peek-a-boo among the clouds, and especially the pastoral scenes of cattle and other domestic animals on the way, leave me with a feeling of happiness and peacefulness. In the last few years a new "animal" is appearing on the landscape. Wind Turbines add a little more interest to our pacifying landscape. Their clean straight lines just barely use up the prairie footprint. Technology and nature seem to co-exist effortlessly. The wind turbines don't seem to bother the cows and the cows don't bother them.

When I first moved to the valley it seemed so dull and barren. But a closer look reveals the variety of colors caused by patches of indigenous plants carpeting the landscape. There is not a lot of visual noise to distract us from subtle differences caused from an occasional bush, a variety of birds, a ground squirrel or a deer. There is beauty in its simplicity.

It is this observation and love of nature that inspired me to begin my latest series of paintings. In recent years I have been using a textural technique of painting that was inspired by looking at some old tintype photographs with scratches and tattered edges. For the most part, I currently use a limited palette of colors including blues, browns, greens and yellows.

My pottery is mostly thrown on a wheel and altered or hand built from slabs of clay. I make abstract figurative angels and functional forms. I often like to humor myself with an unexpected slant on my expected functional forms such as three-footed coffee mugs and duck-shaped creamers.

Artwork can be found at 3rd Street Art Gallery ; Heritage Art Gallery and Gifts, Michigan , ND; and Taube Art Museum Gift Shop , Minot

Art also sold through www.karlasart.etsy.com

Benefiting Charity: Muddy Waters Clay Center

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Sandy Johnson
Grand Forks, ND 58201


My work is available at Muddy Water's Clay Center or by contacting me by phone or e-mail. I offer a variety of pieces; casseroles, mugs, platters, bowls, all of which are food, oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

Benefiting Charity: Muddy Waters Clay Center

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Dianne Paulsen
320 N. 16th St.
Grand Forks, ND 58201
701-772-1998 dbpaulsen@gra.midco.net

Beaded & Chainmaille Jewelry, Knitted & Felted Art

Benefiting Charity: PEO Cottey College Fund

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Paula Kallinen
1635 8th St SE
East Grand Forks, MN 56721

Original Jewelry, China Mosiac Mirrors, Watercolor & Acrylic Paintings

I live in East Grand Forks with my husband Kevin. We raised 5 children and have 3 grandsons. Creativity has always been part of my life. When I was young, I learned skills watching my father and grandmother make things. Fortunately for me, those skills included everything from carpentry to sewing. I was amazed how my grandmother could take scraps of fabric and make beautiful clothing for my dolls in just a few minutes.

I enjoy working in many different areas of art. Jewelry design, watercolor and acrylic paintings, silk scarves, china mosaic, painted furniture, home décor accessories and teaching art classes. I find inspiration in everything I see, my mind is seldom at rest. I am most peaceful when I am working in my home studio. My first experience with painting occurred when I enrolled in painting classes 25 years ago. That encounter changed the path of my life, leading me to experience many levels of art that I may not have. When I think of all the great people I have met though the years because I chose the path of an artist, I am so grateful for having experienced it. I now teach art classes to others and I am so happy to watch them discover their inner artist. Nothing could be better than this.

Benefiting Charity: Red River Valley Community Action Agency


Michelle Brusegaard
311 N 4th St, #1
Grand Forks, ND 58201


Screenprinted Textiles and Fine Art

Michelle Brusegaard was born and raised in Grand Forks North Dakota. She attended UND and received her BFA with concentrations in painting and photography in 2005. After some time away, she has returned to Grand Forks where she runs a screen-printing and design business out of her home studio.

Available for sale at Michelle's Studio are paintings, photographs, screen-printed apparel and scarves, dish towels, greeting cards and a new line of jewelry.


Benefiting Charity: Prairie Harvest Mental Health Center

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Robert Bykonen
901 Belmont Rd
Grand Forks, ND 58201


Aviation, Wildlife, and Western Art (Paintings)

"Art Created by Taking a Closer Look"

Inspiration and ideas come from many sources: my career in aviation, my respect for wildlife, my love of the outdoors and my interest in "the west."

I was born and raised in Rolla, North Dakota. Work habits and responsibility were developed at an early age - I helped with chores on the small grain and cattle farm I grew up on. An interest in "the west" and the cowboy way of life developed. The works of C.M. Russell and Frederic Remington also influenced me. In addition, the abundance of wildlife in the area and living in a central flyway for waterfowl and other migratory birds had a definite effect on my appreciation and interest in wildlife.

While teaching art for the Grand Forks Public schools I started taking flying lessons. I obtained a Commercial Flying rating - I am a Certified Flight Instructor and a crop duster. After 42 years of flying, I plan to retire from agricultural aviation and devote myself full-time to my art.

I spend my spare time with my wife, Maggie and our cat Charlie. I like to cruise on my Harley and sort through ideas that provide me with works of art created "by taking a closer look."


Benefiting Charity: American Cancer


Jessica Pribula


Handwoven Scarves, Fiber Gifts, Paintings & Ceramics.

Ever since I took my first fiber arts class at the University of North Dakota I have been drawn to the meditative process of weaving. When I weave I touch each strand of yarn many times, from making the warp to winding the bobbin. I take great pride in my craftsmanship and attention to detail. During the weaving process, I reach an intimacy with each piece leaving a part of myself in the final work. As a fiber artist I strive to create unique and beautifully handcrafted journals, boxes, scarves and hand-dyed fabrics.

My love of the fiber arts is a major source of inspiration for my paintings on paper. In place of yarn I weave with paper to create the effect of an image on the verge of falling to pieces. At other times the weave defines the female figure or becomes an accessory of the dress. I am drawn to the dress as a motif because the dress is the epitome of femininity. It is also an image I associate with fairytales and a nostalgic reminder of a lifestyle that has long since passed into our cultural history.

As a ceramic artist the process of creating a form out of clay is both calming and challenging. I use hand-building techniques to create bottles and containers that I intricately cover with flowers and vines inspired by my mother's love of gardening. Containers, whether round or square, hold my fascination because they often hide the objects we treasure the most. The act of opening a box and re-discovering some keepsake we have placed inside and the memory associated with it creates nostalgia. I seek to create intricate vessels in which to hold the treasures that are most important to us, whether it may be a favorite piece of jewelry or your daughter's first tooth.

Benefiting Charity: Mountainbrooke PsychoSocial Center


Kimberly Forness Wilson
4919 Belmont Road
Grand Forks, ND 58201
(701)-775-2854 (701)-330-3072


Watercolor, Acrylic, Mixed Media, Gemstone & Natural Materials Jewelry

I pursue each piece with thoughts of movement, of color and shape to create a dance between what I have placed there for you to see and what you yourself may imagine.

Art to me should not be a dull or indifferent experience. Art is not you looking at my work as a passive observer; it is you with your own thoughts and dreams interacting with the piece I have created. There is no observer who does not influence the process. I know that my art like my child will go on and have their own relationships with others. I just prepare them the best I can and then let go and see what happens!

In the process of painting each piece it appears that particular personalities always seem to present themselves, so if you see something looking back at you don't be surprised just enjoy the adventure!

Experiment, explore, observe, take a risk, "lay it all out there," take it all in, invite, commune, tell a story, be thrilled, laugh, sing, learn more, accept a challenge, and do it all again tomorrow. Be THRILLED with your life and THRIVE spiritually, emotionally physically and in relationship with the love of your life, your children, parents and community. That is all of our BIRTHRIGHT and this is what I try to say everyday, to others. Each of us is here to share a unique perspective on this world at this time in history. Do it. You Can Do it!

My paintings are my expressions of these thoughts. I use what ever I find in "Life" to create texture and depth. If it is a leaf to use as a stamp or a blueberry to create a natural color it is used with gratitude as inspiration. People have asked, 'How do you decide what to use when you paint?' I answer, 'If it thrills me it goes on the page!'


You can find my stuff locally at River City Jewelers, Forks Frame-up, 12 Houses and my gallery in my home .

Benefiting Charity: Mountainbrooke PsychoSocial Center

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